How to Scale to 100+ Units | Think Realty

 How to Scale to 100+ Units | Think Realty

Getting off the plateau to reach new REI heights

There are many plateaus real estate investors often reach as they build their businesses. And each can be difficult to climb out of. The first, of course, is to buy your first property. Then it may be to quit your day job and become a full-time investor. Ten properties is often another plateau, or that time when you need to hire your first full-time employee.

All of these plateaus are worth their own article. However, this piece will focus on the plateau many aspire too: How to scale to 100 units and beyond.

It’s at this point when you need to move beyond hiring employees and actually start managing managers. It requires a new set of skills and can be a difficult transition to make.

And looking off at this much larger goal, it will set you on the right…

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