How to avoid falling victim online shopping scams |

 How to avoid falling victim online shopping scams |

A recent study projects online shopping scams will surge this holiday season as consumers set to spend a record $207 billion online.

According to the study, North Carolina is the No. 17 most at-risk state, having lost $69 million to fraudsters last year, when a record $4.2 billion was stolen nationally.

Fake websites, Instagram giveaways, and Secret Santa contents are the common scams consumer need to avoid right now. Online shopping has also been the No. 1 most common scam reported to the FTC in North Carolina relating to the pandemic, which has led to the scam surge with more people operating online.

Capitalizing on inevitable supply chain delays, scammers pretend to be FedEx and send an email with a link to track your package. When clicked on, these malicious links steal your personal and financial…

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