How better food packaging can help restore the planet

 How better food packaging can help restore the planet
  • The world currently wastes one-third of all food produced.
  • The food processing and packaging industry can contribute to the transformation of food systems.
  • Food packaging can adopt many approaches to a more sustainable supply chain.

The United Nations’ latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report represents a code red for our global food systems. Stating that the global temperature, which rose 1.1°C between 1850-1900, is expected to reach or exceed 1.5°C Celsius of warming, the report warns of overlapping risks across energy, food and water sectors, creating a disastrous future for global food systems.

These rising temperatures will reportedly reduce global yields in maize rice and, potentially, other cereal crops, while adversely affecting feed quality, spread of diseases and water-resource availability for livestock, with every increase of 0.5°C predicted to…

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