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Hey Ram!

Omkar Dattatray

It is so good that Ramjanambhoomi  babri Masjid dispute has been solved an now the Ram Mandir trust is working in the direction of the construction of the temple. In this connection the land for the construction of the grand Mandir at Ayodhya is being purchased but it is very unfortunate and unbecoming of the trust that the land has been purchased at very exorbitant rates. Thus in the purchase of the land there is a big scam  and this is against the faith in Lord Ram and is also a deceit to the crores of the Ram believers. Those who believe in Ram and who have donated generously for the construction of the Ram temple are dismayed over the scam in the land deal. Since the land costing rupees two crore has been purchased at rupees eighteen and a half crore by the Ram Mandir…

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