He gave up his beloved dog when he lost his Florida home. Then came an unlikely reunion

 He gave up his beloved dog when he lost his Florida home. Then came an unlikely reunion

Reunions can go several ways.

Here’s one that may make you misty. It’ll feel good.

On Tuesday, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay shared a love story on its Facebook page.

Seems a Tampa man had to make an “excruciating” decision but he did it out of love. He gave up his beloved dog to the animal shelter when he’d become homeless.

“He loved her dearly but knew he couldn’t care for her properly. Wanting the best for her, he brought her to us in hopes that she’d find a better life,” the post read

Turns out that better life seems to be theirs to share again.

“Dakota was a wonderful, friendly dog but, strangely, she didn’t get adopted,” the Humane Society said. “For weeks she waited and waited, and then today, a phone call. Her dad had gotten a job, found a new home and was calling us on the very slim chance that we still had his best girl.”

Here comes the have-yourself-an-ugly-cry moment.

“When we brought Dakota to her Dad she absolutely squealed with delight and ran straight into his arms. The young man was so overwhelmed with emotion that he began to cry. Let’s be real, so did we! It was a very heartwarming moment.”

The reunion was so touching many strangers posted offerings of doggie treats and other inquiries on how they could help. The shelter gave the man a new leash, collar, and six months of preventative medications for the dog.

“Dakota’s smile is all the thanks we need.”

As for the young man, the shelter didn’t name him but it looks like he’s been posting within the thread.

“She was my best friend for 6 years, hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was give her up and somehow nobody picked my angel,” his comment read.