Great investors don’t predict

 Great investors don’t predict
The Mindful Money team: Gail Lieberman, Scott Jacobs, John Madden, Jonathan DeYoe, Rachel Walters, David Glotzer. Credit: David J. Toman

This story is sponsored by  Mindful Money, a Berkeley wealth management company that is committed to a behavioral and mindful approach towards financial well-being. It was written by the company’s founder and president, Jonathan DeYoe.

Every morning I follow the same routine: after mediation, exercise and gardening, I read the financial news online. This is a habit I have maintained for over two decades. The mediums have changed, and there are far more ads posing as news than ever, but the basic content of actual articles is incredibly consistent.

The top headlines on Oct. 17 were:

  1. “In a world of paltry .06% interest rates, these income stocks yield up to 10.2%,” and
  2. “US Oil Stocks are seriously undervalued right now”

The first headline sets up the problem (it is…

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