Google is removing dislike counts on YouTube

 Google is removing dislike counts on YouTube

Google announced this week that it will remove dislike counts from all videos on the YouTube video platform. Dislike counts are made private but the dislike button will remain available to users according to the announcement.

Google ran an experiment earlier this year on YouTube which tested whether the removal of the dislike count would protect “creators from harassment, and reduce dislike attacks”. Viewers who were selected for the experiment could interact with the dislike button but the count was not displayed.  The data showed a “reduction in dislike attacking behavior” according to Google. The company has not published the data of the experiment.

Google’s conclusion was to hide the dislike count on YouTube. The change is rolling out to all users over time and the rollout of the change started on November 10, 2021.

Content creators may still see the dislike count of their videos, and YouTube’s algorithm uses the dislike action…

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