Geopolitics: The Right Investment Moves

 Geopolitics: The Right Investment Moves

When the global chess game heats up, I seek the right moves from our master player: Scott Chan.

Scott Chan (pictured here) is the lead analyst on two of our premium publications, Real World Investing and The Complete Investor. I interviewed China-born Scott this week, to discuss a range of geopolitical topics as they relate to investments. My questions are in bold.

The Asia Pacific economy is bouncing back faster than other regions. Asian stock markets this month have extended their year-to-date gains. What’s at work here?

China was the first country to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak and it brought the pandemic under control quickly. By containing the spread early, the country was able to get back to economic normalcy first and get a leg up on countries whose COVID outbreaks were worsening.

China lifted all boats. Countries in the vicinity that had economic ties with China benefited. Considering the COVID backdrop,…

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