Geopolitics of Nepal-3 – Telegraph Nepal

 Geopolitics of Nepal-3 – Telegraph Nepal

-Survival Strategies of a Small State-

Dev Raj Dahal, Foreign policy expert, Nepal

The legacy of the fifties and the effects of the acculturation process of leaders of most of the political parties in India will no doubt continue to influence Nepalese foreign policy in the future.

Yet a new set of problems stemming from the forces of global interdependence will also increasingly dominate the Nepalese geopolitical thinking in the years to come.

In fact, the forces of interdependence have not only succeeded in eroding the basic difference between domestic and foreign policies but have also brought the survival of small states like Nepal into a sharp focus perhaps as never before in history.

As the rules of the game of interstate relations have undergone a drastic change in consonance with the tenets of Interdependence, Nepal is also exposing itself to these new stimuli and changes.

Interdependence entails interdependent…

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