Geo-politics and Europe’s sense of guilt and shame

Most European countries appear to be groveling from a collective sense of guilt and failure in Afghanistan. Conversations with those in lead positions betray a state of unbelievable shock, accompanied by an extreme two-pronged public pressure.

Firstly, demands for censure of all those who blindly followed the United States kept doling out funds without questioning Hamid Karzai and his successor Ashraf Ghani.

Secondly, pressure on governments to “relocate all those who helped us in our war on terror mission”.

Almost all European “allies” are out but several thousand Afghan-Americans — almost all of them placed there either in the name of media or INGOs — are still holed up in Afghanistan. Many of them don’t even possess passports.

Although the European Union has increased its humanitarian assistance manifold (up to one billion euros) this project is still stymied by political considerations, largely divergences of…

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