Gambia: Inside QNet Pyramid Scam Scheme

 Gambia: Inside QNet Pyramid Scam Scheme

In what looks like a daylight robbery, Foroyaa’s four months investigation has found a global e-marketing group operating in The Gambia amassing wealth from Gambians, including innocent students.

Dubbed QNet, the company does this under the ploy that they organize “Business Management” with the promise to give the students what they refer to as “International Certificate”.

In this piece, we unveil the untold stories of many Gambians, including students who became victims of QNet’s alleged financial fraud.

This pyramid-like-scheme trapped Gambians into luring fellow Gambians to venture into a business dubious in toto; yet persisting because most victims were swayed into the business by those they trusted.

It may seem like a movie-like-script, but these scenes didn’t come from Hollywood. The setting is in the smallest country in mainland Africa- The Gambia, home to little over two million people, many of whom struggle daily to…

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