Ferguson man says real estate broker stole his home

 Ferguson man says real estate broker stole his home

FERGUSON, Mo. – Jeff Hopkins says it happened when he left town to care for his dying mother. His complaint didn’t seem possible until we started investigating his report.

Our investigation took us to three cities in two states. The real estate broker, Sheena Cox, works out of an office in Bonne Terre. She took Hopkins home with the help of an alleged forged warranty deed, which was recorded in Feb. 2021. It shows it was stamped a year and a half earlier by a notary at the bank across the street from the broker’s office. The bank, however, told me its notary did not notarize the signature and that the logbook confirms this. Hopkins says he wasn’t even in the state at the time.

Hopkins originally purchased the property in question as a weekend property in Rockport, Illinois six years ago.

“I just used it for a weekend place, just to go to get away from St. Louis, just to go up there and hang out in the…

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