Facebook Isn’t Scandal-Proof – The New York Times

 Facebook Isn’t Scandal-Proof – The New York Times

All of that is, at least in part, the price that Facebook is already paying for its bad reputation.

Let me go back to Instagram because it helps show the weight of Facebook’s baggage.

Almost the minute that news broke this year about Facebook’s plans for a version of the app for preteens, there were shrieks of “NOPE!” from attorneys general and some children’s advocates. Facebook now says it will hear out critics.

Instagram Kids isn’t necessarily a bad idea. U.S. law requires limits on online accounts of children under 13, but many lie about their age. Facebook was in part trying to acknowledge reality and draw preteens to a version of Instagram with more protections. Facebook pointed out on Monday that both YouTube and TikTok have tailored their apps for kids. (And they have attracted criticism at times.) All of this is complicated for parents, regulators, internet companies and children.

The biggest problem was that…

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