Exclusive: 28-Minute Mega Mix Of Space Yacht’s Forthcoming ‘TECH MY HOUSE’ Compilation

 Exclusive: 28-Minute Mega Mix Of Space Yacht’s Forthcoming ‘TECH MY HOUSE’ Compilation

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Space Yacht co-owners and co-founders Rami Perlman and Henry Lu.

Space Yacht co-owners and co-founders Rami Perlman and Henry Lu. Courtesy of Anastasia Velicescu.

Anastasia Velicescu

Independent Los Angeles brand Space Yacht has been helping showcase the next generation of dance music through their events and recently-launched imprint. The brand continues to champion emerging artists with their first-ever TECH MY HOUSE compilation that’s being released Thursday, Jan. 14 in celebration of their six year anniversary. Forbes received an exclusive 28-minute mega mix of the compilation that features snippets of its 17 tracks.

The compilation is texturally varied as it boasts everything from bouncy basslines to effervescent beats, catchy lyrics, quirky melodies, soulful vocals, punchy beats and slippery synths. When planning how to commemorate the brand’s anniversary, Space Yacht co-owner and co-founder Henry Lu says the team revisited their roots to see what they have been passionate about since the brand’s inception: house music and discovering new talent. “It all links back to what our first mission and our continuous mission since day one has been, [which] was to unearth the artists [who] are deserving of the title of the next headliner,” he says. “We always say we’re finding these artists 18 months to two years before they even hit the big stages, such as EDC or the dance stage at Coachella.” 

Many of the tracks on TECH MY HOUSE were discovered on Space Yacht’s demo listening Twitch series Tune Reactor that was launched this year to help them stay connected with fans, Space Yacht co-owner and co-founder Rami Perlman says. The show—which airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday—features a combined demo listening show and reaction video component where fans submit their music for a small donation. Perlman and Lu say they look for records that make them as excited as they would be if they heard it live in the club and also feature technical prowess, catchy vocals, originality and the ability to serve its purpose. 

“I think all of the things we’ve been doing now with the record label and all of our stuff online is trying to keep that connection with our fanbase and trying to still maintain the ability to promote these artists,” Perlman says. “Those are the passions Henry and I have and [what] Space Yacht is founded on, which is making our fans happy, giving them this new music and then helping the artists raise their career by doing stuff with us—at least on the music side with what we do, that’s where the passions are.” 

While TECH MY HOUSE consists mostly of artists discovered on Tune Reactor, it also features artists who played Space Yacht parties in the past, such as Luke Andy, Casmalia and Qlank. Lu notes that Space Yacht parties, which are currently on pause due to COVID-19, are known for having surprise lineups that can include anyone from a massive DJ who recently sold out an arena to up-and-coming talent. The brand hosts events for numerous genres of music: they host 100% house event Tech My House, heavy bass-focused party Big Bass Ting, hard techno show The Black Hole, Bass House Madness for high energy house music and experimental bass party A Sequence In Time. Lu says Space Yacht plans to delve into other genres by taking more risks with the music they release, such as dropping a drum ‘n bass compilation. 

Henry Lu and Rami Perlman at a Space Yacht Boat Party.

Henry Lu and Rami Perlman at a Space Yacht Boat Party. Courtesy of Eden Shohat.

Eden Shohat

In addition to music and hosting events, Space Yacht also prides itself on its apparel and crypto art. Their apparel features eclectic designs that range from upside down smiley faces to a skeleton twerking while eating pizza. Perlman adds that their crypto art and non-fungible token (NFT) designs fuse their signature animations with original music. The two were previously working with animators for their live show visuals, so they created Space Yacht NFTs to monetize those visuals and partnered with top NFT site Nifty Gateway to help promote their collections. 

Looking back on their six years of business, Perlman says the biggest lesson he has learned is to be nice to everyone, because you never know where someone in the music business might end up one day. Lu adds that the biggest lesson he has learned is to stay true to the brand’s original goal. “Think back to why you’re here and what you think your mission is,” he says. “For us, we’re fortunate to be able to constantly remind ourselves and answer each time we ask ourselves. It pretty much sounds the same: We’re here to forward the next generation of electronic music. As that grows, that roster will change and we know that, we embrace that and we love that.”