DXOMARK Announces New Score for Smartphone Battery Experience

 DXOMARK Announces New Score for Smartphone Battery Experience

PARIS–()–Renowned worldwide for the tests and scores of camera, audio and display quality of consumer electronics, the French hi-tech company DXOMARK today announces a new score for smartphone battery experience.

While battery performance is critical for consumers, they have negligible information pre-purchase to understand which device will best suit their needs. Specs like mAh and W do not indicate true battery performance. Battery performance depends on a combination of factors including the choice of hardware components and power management software optimization. Using our score centered on the end-user, we aim to guide consumers in their purchasing decisions.” – Olivier Simon, Battery Evaluation Director.

Measuring battery performance from an end user-perspective

Strictly adhering to the company’s testing philosophy of scientifically evaluating the end user experience of devices, DXOMARK has…

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