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Discord nitro scams and how to prevent them?

 Discord nitro scams and how to prevent them?

Introduction to Discord nitro scams:

Discord nitro scams-I’m just tired of people getting scammed by this .discord nitro scam. It’s very obvious you know that they’re trying to scam. But often the people that do this kind of thing of script kitties and they know nothing about coding or programming watch YouTube’s tutorials and then they just copy the people that do this aren’t hackers they can’t be hackers. But it’s just pathetic then all they’re doing is they’re buying web servers. I can go to the web cloud I could buy a domain name. You know for about six quid or four-pound fifty you know there’s cheap ones here uh and I could also buy a virtual private server. I don’t know where they have them on this website and then I could set up a web server.

Discord nitro scams process:

When you go to log in to your discord your information will send to discord. Your information will never actually go to the discord authentication service. It will send to me in SQL database it’s a very simple trick to do and so many people fall for it. I think we as a community can actually learn a trick or two to stop this from happening again. Because if we can shut down this quicker than other people then we’re doing well.

How to prevent this scam?

I’m going to teach you something you can do. So what do you want to do when you get these kinds of links. So what you can do when you get these links is very careful. You want to copy them but don’t click them and you want to go to. You make sure you want to get rid of the slash and you also want to get rid of the HTTPS so you just have this bit and you want to go. I’m not a robot get who is data and you’ll get all this information.

This is not hacking this is just public information showing you where you can register your domain. if we scroll down we will see an abuse email register abuse contact there’ll be multiple cases of abuse there’d be abuse that reg.  So this is a registry abuse-email or if you keep scrolling down that’d be the bps server email. There’ll be a bunch of abuse emails.

What you can do?

You can take this email. Because I don’t fancy getting docked you can take this email. You just want to write something along the lines of saying holo. I send this link and then paste the link. Then you want to put this link to fish emails and passwords for discord. You just want to talk about it and you just want to say I believe this is an abuse of your service so if everyone does this they get a bunch of emails saying abuse the surface.

What they do is they will shut down these domains. So if everyone knows to report them as soon as they see them to the actual domain register then the people that buy these servers get their servers shut down. They don’t get their money back you know that you literally shut down the servers. So they can’t do it to anyone else yes they can go and buy more servers. But if they do it to someone who knows this trick then that’s going to get shut down. People can privately host. So you just got to be aware of that but most people are just using really cheap servers. I don’t know let’s have a look at these. These are Russian servers.


Yeah as you can see really cheap hosting servers. They often have abusive emails that you can message if you believe that someone is trying to abuse their services so you just want to send a message saying hello. So, this type of person just abuses your services and disturbs you. Try to buy good server hosting. And also beware of all Discord nitro scams. I hope this article will be informative for you!

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