DeFi Investor Mark Cuban ‘Rug-Pulled,’ Scam As Coin Goes $60 To $0

 DeFi Investor Mark Cuban ‘Rug-Pulled,’ Scam As Coin Goes $60 To $0

Billionaire DeFi investor and reality TV personality Mark Cuban just got rug pulled — what happens when founders cash out before abandoning a project — when the DeFi token Titanium went from being valued at $60 to $0 in a day.

Titanium or Titan, is/was part of a multi-chain partial-collateralized algorithmic stablecoin project called Iron Finance.  Three days ago, Iron Finance tweeted, “A picture is worth a thousand words” with an image of a rocket on the moon and the number $2 billion.

“Even in the world of crypto, where massive drawdowns are commonplace, 100% washouts are pretty rare, especially in such short a time,” wrote Bloomberg digital news Executive Editor Joe Weisenthal.

“Anyone else see the similarities between crypto and the unregulated stock market in the late 1920’s? I’m sure it’s nothing, it’ll be fine” @stockmonk6 tweeted.

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