COVID-19 scatters tech hubs for young talent

 COVID-19 scatters tech hubs for young talent

Young engineers and recent college graduates see Miami, Houston and Philadelphia — not San Francisco, New York or Seattle — as the hot new places to jumpstart a technology or creative economy career.

Why it matters: For some tech CEOs, it’s the perfect time to capitalize on being where the new talent wants to go — and also pay lower taxes in the process, which makes Sunbelt cities in Florida and Texas attractive.

Zoom in: In Lehi, Utah — a haven for tech startups between Salt Lake City and Provo — it’s been easier than usual to lure early-career workers from places like California and New York, said Joseph Woodbury, CEO of, a peer-to-peer self-storage company.

  • Of the employees the startup recruited during the past year, 30% came from another state, and many of them were on the younger side.
  • “That’s changed in the past year,” Woodbury told Axios. “It used to be that you waited until 10 to 15 years into your…

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