Controversy swirls around Marion City Auditor » Scammer News

 Controversy swirls around Marion City Auditor » Scammer News

By October 13, 2021 12:26 pm

MARION—The inconsistency and drama surrounding Marion City Auditor Robert Landon has now taken important time and attention away from the Marion Police Department.

While Landon was spotted at Marion City Hall on Tuesday, he has been absent from work for weeks while recovering from Covid. Marion City Councilman Josh Daniels seemed to launch Landon’s personal revenge tour when he pointed out to media that an invoice was sent from the Ohio Public Works Commission to the auditor’s office for more than $70,000, had only been partially paid. Apparently, Landon didn’t read the entire invoice (sent by email), leaving the unpaid balance. According to Mayor Scott Shertzer, late and missing payments affect the city’s ability to obtain grants and interest-free loans for city sewer and street projects.

Knowing the city receives its invoices via email and not regular…

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