Competing for spotlight, Magaziner is everywhere

 Competing for spotlight, Magaziner is everywhere

PROVIDENCE — On the money front, he leads the pack with a $1.3-million campaign warchest.

But state Treasurer — and likely 2022 candidate for governor — Seth Magaziner can’t count on all of the “free” news coverage that competitor Dan McKee gets, as governor, every time he opens his mouth, signs a bill or holds a press conference to announce the next step in Rhode Island’s “re-opening.”

So he’s become: Mr. Everywhere. 

If there is a legislative press conference, a photo op with a high-profile Rhode Island labor leader or a chance to tout his progressive credentials, Democrat Magaziner is there.  

By his staff’s count, he has this year alone testified remotely — or sent written testimony — on 74 bills and budget proposals, ranging from the proposed plastic bag ban to Medicaid coverage for doulas to an assault weapons ban.

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