Column: The serious business of flying saucers

 Column: The serious business of flying saucers

Well, if you saw it in the Times, it must be true.

I have a long history with unidentified flying objects, more commonly known in my ever-lengthening lifetime as flying saucers. They were very big news when I was growing up in the years following World War II. Flying saucers were being spotted zooming through the heavens all over the place.

One clear summer night about then, when my family was vacationing at a lake cabin in northern Wisconsin, my father, older brother and I were standing in the yard just after sunset when suddenly either my father or brother exclaimed something like, “Lookit that,” pointing skyward. Something flashed across the firmament right over the lake. They both saw it.

The object disappeared so quickly, I missed it. But there’s no question they saw something. My father was not given to embracing…

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