Chanie Rosenberg 1922-2021

 Chanie Rosenberg 1922-2021

Chanie threw herself into the anti-capitalist movement

Chanie Rosenberg, who has died aged 99, spent her life fighting the injustices that are still at the centre of world politics today.

Born as Jew in South Africa in 1922, then part of the British Empire, she experienced the antisemitism which, in Europe, was building up towards the horrors of the Holocaust.

But at the same time, she witnessed the appalling anti-black racism that would become codified into the apartheid system.

Turning against the system she became a socialist. But she still believed the Zionist myth that a better society could be built in Palestine which was also under British rule.

So she left South Africa and went there while the Second World War raged. But even before the Nakba—the catastrophic expulsion of Palestinians in 1948—the Zionist project involved vicious discrimination against the Arabs in Palestine.

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