Businessman thrust into turmoil of Libya politics

 Businessman thrust into turmoil of Libya politics

Libya’s interim prime minister Abdulhamid Dbeibah who registered Sunday to stand in December presidential elections is a Canadian-educated business tycoon who has used his post to build a solid popular base.

He was elected in February under a United Nations-led peace process and tasked with leading the country up until its first ever direct presidential poll.

It was a surprise victory for a man who was once a member of the inner circle of dictator Moamer Kadhafi.

Dbeibah was born in 1959 in Misrata, a historically wealthy port that would later produce powerful militias who played a key role in and after the 2011 revolt that toppled and killed Kadhafi.

During the dictator’s four-decade rule, Libya’s third city underwent an industrial and economic boom from which the Dbeibah family and many others profited.

His masters degree in engineering from the University of Toronto gave him technical expertise that gained him the confidence of…

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