Burnaby renter warns others about fake landlord scam

 Burnaby renter warns others about fake landlord scam

Back in March, Burnaby RCMP issued a warning about Burnaby residents getting taken for big bucks by people fronting for rentals that aren’t theirs to rent out.

Terry was one of those people.

Police say the fraud involves the scammer posting an advertisement for a rental property.

An unsuspecting renter responds to the ad and often agrees to meet with an individual who identifies themselves as the landlord. After viewing the property, the renter again meets with the landlord to deliver a sum of money to pay for rent and the initial damage deposit. The renter signs an agreement, is provided a key to the residence and a date to take occupancy. When the renter attempts to move in, they are met by the real owner of the property and told the home is not available for rent.

Terry told the NOW that this was close to what happened to him, although he did all of it over the phone because of COVID-19 fears. He also had a time…

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