BSV is a technology, not an investment

 BSV is a technology, not an investment

This week, the topic seems to be one that shouldn’t need to be highlighted but given how the markets seem to be able to remain irrational longer than many people can remain solvent1*, I figure it is well overdue to state the obvious thing that BSV isn’t. 

Bitcoin is NOT an investment product.

Bitcoin is simply a technology. There are some derivative projects in the space that market themselves as investments (such as BTC), but saying a pig is a horse doesn’t make it one, and you can continue to tell yourself it is one until someone takes you up on the offer to ride it.

Now to be fair, it isn’t exactly the same as technology products in the past, where paying for its use was completely separate from the technology platform itself. One of the main innovations of digital currencies and blockchains is that they invented with them the means of payment for their own access, via a local token. If we were to use an analogy,…

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