Brnovich: Tax collection is a ‘scam’ | News

 Brnovich: Tax collection is a ‘scam’ | News

Attorney General Mark Brnovich is warning Arizonans to be aware of “government impostor tax collection” scams.

Con artists are posing as government tax collectors to collect money or personal financial information from Arizona residents. 

The scam starts with a letter from a generic federal, state or local government tax unit, often referred to as the “Tax Processing Unit.” The letter claims that the consumer has not paid a tax debt in full and, typically, threatens garnishment of wages or a property lien if the consumer does not respond quickly. 

The letter instructs the consumer to take certain steps to avoid such action, such as calling a 1-800 number. If the consumer dials the number, the scammer instructs the consumer to provide money or the consumer’s bank account information, credit card…

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