Boris Johnson says Cop26 climate conference ‘called time on coal’ – UK politics live | Politics

The task of Glasgow was to set out credible plans for delivering that and whilst the summit has made modest progress, we cannot kid ourselves. Plans to cut emissions still fall way short. The pledges made at Glasgow for 2030 – even if fully implemented – represent less than 25% of the ambition required.

Rather than the manageable 1.5 degrees, they put us on track for a devastating 2.4 degrees.

That’s why – according to the UN secretary ggeneral – the goal of 1.5 degrees is now left on “life support.”

So now we need to deliver intensive care. That starts by being honest about what has gone wrong. The summit was held back by guileless boosterism which only served to embolden the big emitters.

The prime minister praised inadequate net zero plans. Australia was called heroic, even though their plan was so slow that it was in line with 4 degrees of global warming.

By providing this cover we had little chance of…

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