Biden vs Republicans: The next 100 days and beyond

 Biden vs Republicans: The next 100 days and beyond

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK — U.S. President Joe Biden’s first 100 days are in the books. While fighting the pandemic has been the top priority, the new American president has also undone many of predecessor Donald Trump’s policies.

What will the next 100 days look like and how will that shape the battle lines for the 2022 midterm elections?

Conservative commentator Victor Davis Hanson calls the president’s first three months “the most leftwing agendas” since President Franklin Roosevelt, whose “New Deal” programs after the Great Depression expanded the size and scope of the government. 

Camille Busette, a leading voice on financial inclusion and racial injustice, says the president has been surprisingly active in his first 100 days, “taking the gloves off” charting a new path for his own image, which until now had thought to be a safe, consistent and a conservative Democrat.

Victor Davis Hanson and Camille…

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