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The Washington Post has obtained more than 800 pages of emails to and from Anthony Fauci, the senior US health official who is now chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic last year.

Anthony Fauci.

Anthony Fauci. Photograph: Susan Walsh/AP

The paper reports that the emails offer a window into the chaos, panic and confusion of the time, and of the considerable difficulties Fauci faced as a prominent figure in a Covid task force serving Donald Trump.

As Fauci recently told the Post, “I was getting every single kind of question, mostly people who were a little bit confused about the mixed messages that were coming out of the White House and wanted to know what’s the real scoop.

“I have a reputation that I respond to people when they ask for help, even if it takes a long time. And it’s very time consuming,…

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