Beware of the latest scams hitting Arizonans

 Beware of the latest scams hitting Arizonans

PHOENIX — Let’s say you get a text from a company you do business with about an overcharge and they want to give you a refund. Do you click and reply?

It’s one of the biggest scams going around right now.

Debra got a text message claiming to be from from AT&T stating, “we accidentally overcharged your account.”

She also received one from an insurer saying that because of an overcharge, “We owe you $852.”

If you click on the links, you’re told overcharges are handled through your bank account.

Once you give them remote access, they’re able to fake postings and basically do whatever they want. You should never click on unknown links.

Instead, contact the company and see if there are any issues.

Tough times mean money scams, and we are seeing a lot of them.

Harriet contacted Let Joe Know and said she has thousands of dollars that belong to her and a caller told her the money was seized at a checkpoint in Arizona and was waiting for her.


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