BBB: Celebrate Halloween on a budget | Southcltweekly

 BBB: Celebrate Halloween on a budget | Southcltweekly

The pandemic and potential supply chain shortage isn’t stopping consumers from celebrating Halloween.

The National Retail Federation expects people will spend $10.14 billion, up from $8.05 billion in 2020. Among Halloween celebrants, 66% plan to buy candy, 52% plan to purchase decorations and 46% will get costumes.

Those numbers can seem daunting for a single day, especially when watching the family budget, however, there are ways to keep the fun stylish and on budget. Better Business Bureau recommends the following tips this Halloween:

Look around your home

Check your closet. There are hidden surprises to throw together a killer costume. Doing this will not only help save money but save space too.

Rent a costume

If the idea of spending money on buying a costume isn’t quite appealing because it will only be…

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