Banks muscle up as scam cases continue to climb

 Banks muscle up as scam cases continue to climb

When a woman told a bank teller that she wanted to remit $5,000 to an individual in Jakarta to help a friend in Turkey, the bank teller felt something was amiss and informed her supervisor.

Ms Kristie Chiang, a customer service manager at OCBC Bank’s Bedok branch, probed further, and she became suspicious when the 55-year-old customer said she had developed a relationship with a friend called “Andrew” after an introductory phone call in February and that the Swiss national, who was based in Turkey, needed financial help.

Ms Chiang decided to call “Andrew” using the customer’s phone, and when the man had a strong Chinese accent instead of a Swiss or even Turkish one, she was almost certain the woman was about to become a victim of a love scam and alerted the police.

OCBC revealed recently that the number of scams it had foiled in the first half of this year was nearly double that in the same period last year.

From January to…

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