Aussies warned not to open fake Australia Post email scam

Australians are being warned of a new scam in which criminals impersonate Australia Post in an attempt to steal financial details of vulnerable victims.

The scam, which comes at a time that many are online shopping, comes as an email that claims the recipient has a package waiting.

The email contains a link which then directs the victim to an “interactive parcel management system”.

An example of the email scam being circulated currently. (Supplied)

There it tells the recipient their package label has been damaged and requires a victims personal and financial details to confirm.

NSW Police, along with Australia’s head scam watchdog Scamwatch, have warned user who receive the email to simply delete it.

“Australia Post has been made aware of fraudulent Emails that are circulating advising customers of a “Status: Waiting at the distribution Centre” and prompting them to click on a link to “Start Chat” for delivery arrangements,” Australia…

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