Arnold Schwarzenegger addresses move into politics

 Arnold Schwarzenegger addresses move into politics

Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger recently sat down for a chat and got candid about his family’s reaction towards his political career.

The Austrian-born actor wore his heart on his sleeve and addressed his family’s reaction to his move into the political landscape on his daughter Katherine’s Instagram special for Father’s Day.

He was quoted saying at the time, “Everybody had their own personalities and own characteristics.”

“That each one of you had the same upbringing, the same attention, the same school, the same everything, and [you all] were so different.”

“And as a parent you have to adjust to those differences and to the various different needs that each child has and then kind of go with that.”

For those unversed with Schwarzenegger’s political career, he served as the governor of California in the beginning of 2003 and remained in office till the start of 2011. 

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