Apostle of the apocalypse

 Apostle of the apocalypse

Apocalypse makes good news. Life is boring most of the time, so I was always cheered by the Oxford Street doomster telling me the end of the world was nigh. Likewise the college porter who bade me a fond farewell during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, or our office secretary refusing ever to have a baby as it would just die in a nuclear holocaust. I admire certainty.

Bruno Maçães is a jet-setting think-tanker and former Portuguese minister who seems to make a living scaring audiences with perfect storms and “end times”. I expect they love his visions of temperatures soaring and forests burning as swarming viruses kill millions round the globe. Will the assembled CEOs suffocate before they fry?

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Yet the gist of Maçães’s argument is serious. He regards the pandemic as “a radical and uncontested change to…

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