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Financereports24.com is an online news journal owned and operated by Digital24 Media Group. We provide the latest information curated to keep our readers current with real-time global financial and business news. Financereports24.com has a global readership, serving investors, corporate leaders and financial professionals. Based in Singapore, we have affiliates in all major financial centers.

Financereports24.com is directed at an audience that comprises CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, Board Members, and all senior management making strategic decisions at financial institutions and multinational companies. Our content is also curated to the individual investor, who wants to keep abreast of developments that may affect their personal assets, professions and businesses.

In order to give our readers the big picture, we aggregate articles from a wide range of media outlets. We make every effort to provide fair and balanced content. From our headquarters in Singapore, we include information from correspondents in Dubai, Tokyo, Frankfurt, London, and New York. Financereports24.com provides readers breaking financial and business news, along with a broad range of content covering technology, media, real estate and world affairs.

We started running our digital outlet in 2013, and since then have been providing newsworthy information spanning every country in both hemispheres. The site provides a combination of articles, analysis and breaking news to give readers a comprehensive overview of global markets and economics.

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18 Robinson Road Singapore 048547

editorial team

Editor-In-ChiefTommy Chan
Publisher and President: David Koh

Editor: Tracy Chan

Managing Editor: Jonathan White 

Digital Editor: Tim Sullivan

Europe Editor/ParisPierre Aidenbaum

Contributing Editors: Eugene Lim, Dominic Jacobs, Chong Gung-Wai
Contributing Writers: Anthony Lam, Alan Colman, Fairish Mohan, Martha Cunningham, Mohammed Al Fahad, John Dunham, Indira Singh, Lydia Kwang

 Art Director Eustace Wang
Copy Editors: David Fransman, Laura Stevens, Edward Ho

Advertising Representatives
SingaporeMichael Lim, Singapore
JapanShiko Yamamoto, Tokyo
AustraliaPaul Enders, Sydney

UAEZakir Samad, Dubai
EuropeEdward Hollingsworth, London

Digital24 Media Group
Chairman: Long Mui-Wei
Vice Chairman: Faizal Hassan
Directors: Bradley Jeffords, David Yip, Marjorie Bender, Michael Lui, Tammy Tan