A History of Real Estate Fraud in 8 Scandals

 A History of Real Estate Fraud in 8 Scandals

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Real estate is rife with fraud. Over the years, regulators and lawmakers have honed tools aimed at catching criminality. From foreclosure fraud to title fraud, the modern landscape of impropriety in American real estate is shrinking. Major criminals have taught important lessons about how to protect ourselves from scams. Here we have compiled some important historical real estate scams, each with an important lesson. 

Greenland’s made of ice

Anyone who’s been to Greenland can tell you it’s anything but green. Roughly 79 percent of the massive, isolated island is covered in an ice sheet. Originally called Kalaallit Nunaat in the indigenous Greenlandic language, the name Greenland was chosen to be intentionally misleading. According to Icelandic sagas, Erik the Red was exiled from Iceland for murder, taking his family and thralls to the arctic lands to the Northwest….

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