4 industry leaders on what it takes to go circular

 4 industry leaders on what it takes to go circular
  • Shifting the economy towards circular requires major changes to business, supply chains and consumer behaviour.
  • The Forum asked top executives about key lessons learned in the circular transition.
  • The Forum is hosting its annual Sustainable Development Impact Summit from 20-23 September.

We take resources from the earth. We make things out of them for use. And then, we throw away whatever is left. The cost is borne out not only in landfills, but also through emissions, as our consumption fuels the climate emergency.

Yet, companies have been optimizing for the linear economy for over 200 years. Shifting the economy toward circularity requires major changes to business and operating models, supply chains, and B2B and B2C consumer behaviour. This level of disruption to business as usual often harms those most vulnerable, and circular solutions must contribute to a just, inclusive…

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