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Biden Republicans? Some in GOP open

RALEIGH: Jay Copan doesn't hide his disregard for the modern Republican Party. A solid Republican voter for the past four decades, the 69-year-old quickly regretted casting his 2016 ballot for Donald Trump. When Trump was up for reelection last year, Copan appeared on roadside billboards across North Carolina, urging other Republicans to back Democ...

Pepperoni For The Robot: Domino’s, Nuro

Altered photos of Cambodian torture victims

Russia: Feminist activist on trial on

Neighbours star Nicola Charles claims cast

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In October 2003, Australia was gripped by Rugby World Cup fever. There probably hasn’t been a more hyped sports event played Down Under since – certainly not the 2015 Cricket World Cup which suffered a lack of exposure due to inexplicably only Australia’s games being shown on free-to-air television until the semi-finals. But in late 2003, the enti...

ROME (AP) — Octogenarians in Tuscany watched in disbelief and indignation as lawyers, magistrates, professors and other younger professionals got vaccinated against COVID-19 before them, despite government pledges of prioritizing Italy’s oldest citizens. Even some of their adult children jumped ahead of them.By one estimate, the failure to give sho...